This year, after the restrictions and fears of 2020, we are more than ever grateful for the renewing burst of the wonders of the outside. With the promise of new life without the devastating scourge of a pandemic, we look forward to enjoying freedom to experience life more abundantly

What is really concerning us now is our budget. We are funded primarily by your generous donations, which is our basic source of income. State grants, sometimes amounting to $25,000.00 yearly, have all but disappeared, rending a serious blow to our operating budget and making it difficult to continue fulfilling all of the services we have been providing all these years. No matter how many women we serve, we still have to pay rent, utilities, supplies, and other fixed expenses of keeping our doors open. Thus, if you are able and can possibly see to increase your usual offering, please consider making a recurring gift through our website. May God continue to bless you for your generosity

We also have a critical need for new counselors and volunteers. We need people who can answer the phone, provide basic information on the services offered to callers, and make appointments. If you or someone you know could volunteer just three and a half hours a week, for example 9:0012:30 or 12:30 3:30 on any day Monday through Thursday or 9:0012:00 on Friday, please contact us at or call us at 2259241400. Training is provided for all volunteers

Thank you again for your continued generosity and hopefully your ability to volunteer. We are praying for you and hope you will keep us in your prayers as well


Frances Broussard

Executive Director 

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